It's time for the open source movement to stop tolerating the "special" ones who opt out of the terms of their community's open source license.
Using open source elsewhere is not relicensing, it’s overlaying a second license.
The Supreme Court decision in Oracle vs Google ends a decade-long nightmare for open source developers.
A draft scorecard for determining if a software project is open as bait for a business pivot or genuinely keeping your freedoms protected.
Started in 1999, established as an official corporate function in 2005, Sun’s Open Source Program Office (OSPO) was among the first in the industry and…
Holders of zero-tolerance positions on both sides of the SEP divide need to realise that accommodating open source productively inside standards bodies…
Why accommodating open source at a standards body is like growing blueberries.
Software freedom is important to as an idea, but it also creates all the value of open source for business and should be jealously guarded by OSPOs.
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